The Wiley family (Bruce, Barb, RJ and Mike) do a real good job. I have RJ's business card and call him whenever I need something. He takes care of everything. I remember once when we had to do a special cleaning in our machine shop to satisfy a particular customer's requirements. Wiley's worked with us to clean and paint the inside of the shop.
– Rick at Master-Matic

We've had very good service from Wiley Properties over the years. We like the quick responses to problems, and the family service that we feel. In our downtown space, there was a fire in a next-door building about 14 years ago. It happened at night, and the very next morning, Wiley Properties was there to help us disassemble our store so that they could start the extensive smoke damage renovation, and get us back into business. We were impressed with the ownership that they took when it wasn't even their fault.
– Jackie at We're Stampin' Mad and Beadbury

I've been very happy with their services. At one point, we needed to put a coating on our floors and paint our ceilings with a more light reflective color. [Wiley Properties] came in and did the ceiling painting and let us do the floor coating that we needed.”
– Dale at Die Technology

I have been very satisfied with the services that Wiley Properties has provided. I can recall an incident where I came into the salon one morning and discovered that the water heater ‘blew’ overnight, and I was kind of desperate because I had several appointments that afternoon. In my business, that meant money. I called Bruce and he had the problem taken care of by noon.
– Renee at The Parlor

Wiley Properties has done a very good job of meeting our needs. RJ is very prompt in resolving any issues we’ve had. In one instance, we had a major fire right across the street from us a few years ago. A strong wind was blowing directly at our building and Wiley’s reacted quickly to shut down the air units on our roof and reduce the amount of smoke that came into our offices. They had Service Masters in the very next morning to start the clean-up. In another instance, we had a raised section in our parking lot that looked like it could be a tripping hazard to our clients. We asked Wiley Properties if they could paint it, and they did immediately.”
– Nancy, Site Manager at North Clinic

We're very happy with our location and we've had good luck working with the whole family. They've taken care of all problems that arise. We've also checked lease rates in the area and what we are paying is very reasonable.
– Paula and Greg at A-1 Acrylics


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