A family owned commercial real estate company

At Wiley Properties, we take a great amount of personal pride and interest in our buildings and our tenants.
Our company's continued growth and success can be largely attributed to the direct, hands-on service we provide and the close relationships we maintain with our customers, many of whom have been leasing from us for over 20 years. One customer has even been with us since 1959.

Wiley Properties got its start in 1954 with Hap Wiley, who owned and operated a well drilling company at the time. Since drilling is seasonal in Minnesota, Hap decided it would be beneficial to have his workers construct buildings during the winter months. This eventually became a successful family real estate business. Wiley Properties is currently owned and operated by Hap's son and daughter Bruce and Barb, and Bruce's sons, Mike and RJ.

The Wiley portfolio was not developed by constant selling and trading of properties over the years. Instead, our long-term growth philosophy has been based on building smart, maintaining with meticulous care, and developing new properties only when the time is right and the need is there.

Wiley Properties are very well maintained, with great attention to detail.
We generally visit each of our facilities on a weekly basis, so we can stay in direct contact with our customers and be proactive with any needed repairs or updates. Tenants are encouraged to call us immediately with issues, and we always try to be accessible and responsive to their needs (even on weekends). Through this process of direct communication, a sense of mutual trust and respect is built and maintained.


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